Call- Grow- Send

Here we are. A body of believers going about our father's business. 


We believe that each and every single person in the history of humankind has been sought by God. Since the garden God has been pursuing his fallen creation. Because God seeks we seek. Because he wants to make himself known, we want to participate in making Him known. Because He calls us, we want to call others. We are an active church seeking those who have yet to know God. 


God calls together a body of believers to bless them. Salvation happens not only in the eschaton but also in the here and now. This process of growth, deeper spirituality, knowledge, and intimacy with God are part of the blessings He gives us as His people. Because of this we come together to grow in His blessings. 


We believe God is a missional God. He is a sending God. Jesus said as the Father sent him, so he sends his disciples. This is the purpose of this church. We believe we are a body of believers that were invited to participate in God's redeeming actions in the world. Therefore we are sent into the world with all the power and authority Jesus has given us.