Sábado en Español: 10:00am

Sabbath English Service: 11:00pm

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Wednesday: 7:00pm

En Liñea Meditación en Español 

Thursday: 7:30pm 

Teleconferencia en Español

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  • Every Christian remembers a moment in time when they were called to follow Jesus. We believe that as Christians we are called but also are instructed to call others to follow the Jesus that we know. 

  • There is no meeting Jesus without transformation. This transformation ranges from more knowledge about who God is to deepening our personal walk with Him in our every day lives. Every disciple experiences growth.  

  • After calling his disciples and allowing them to grow and mature spiritually Jesus sent them out giving them power to heal and restore the people they came in contact with. We believe going out and serving others is an integral part of discipleship and thus an integral part of our church process.